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Are YOU Ready?

by Mike

Is this you? If so, we have just the thing. Tuesday, September 9th we start Huddles. “What’s a huddle?” you ask? Let’s start with what it ISN’T. The funny (we hope) video not withstanding; a Huddle is like a small group, and yet it’s so much more. Huddles are Intentional, Purposeful, and Dynamic. Intentional about developing disciples – disciples who can […]

by Mike

We’re learning how to reflect Jesus in our living beyond just reading/hearing about him – developing a discipleship culture in which love is a lifestyle rather than an event. CHECK US OUT – Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00


by Mike

Jan and I work with an organization that provides fitness activities for at-risk kids on the Peninsula. We wanted to get to know the other coaches better so we invited them over for a casual “party”. Fourteen were invited, six said yes, and four showed up. What do you think… Good? Bad? Great? Sad? We […]