Greetings, it’s been awhile. We have completed our time as mountain folk and are back on the flatlands otherwise known as the Peninsula.

We can’t thank our friends Mark and Pam enough for letting us hang-out at their new place for three months. It was beautiful and serene on the mountain (we were in La Honda if you didn’t know) but a bit cut-off from the rest of life. It took 30 minutes to get down the hill. Jan thought it was great; winding curves, deer, and wild turkeys. Though it was great being there, I got tired of the additional commute while dodging Bambi.

We’ve now landed back in Foster City, roughly a mile or so from our last location… private message us and we’ll give you the details. Our journey up and down the mountain forced us to answer the question; “What would you prefer?”, and it got me thinking. Recently I ran across a project a person in New York had done several months ago. She used one of those walls – like at a construction site… you know, the ones with all the scaffolding and posters on them. Only hers was free-standing and painted black. On it she posted two simple statements that people passing by could write their response to on the board. I would like to post the same simple statements and get your response. Here goes:

“I want to live in a world where…”

“To create this world I will…”

Well, what say you? You can leave your response here or at the website.

Portrait A