Keep Calm

Is this you? If so, we have just the thing.

Tuesday, September 9th we start Huddles.

“What’s a huddle?” you ask?

Let’s start with what it ISN’T.

The funny (we hope) video not withstanding; a Huddle is like a small group, and yet it’s so much more.

Huddles are Intentional, Purposeful, and Dynamic.

  • Intentional about developing disciples – disciples who can disciple others.
  • Purposeful in seeing that people are actually tracking – moving forward – in tangible, measurable ways.
  • Dynamic in that though huddles share a common language, model or pattern, they are adaptive to the individuals in each. What is necessary for one person to take the next step may be far different from that of another person making the same leap forward . Huddles accommodate that.

In a huddle you learn how to build meaningful relationships with people who are far from Christ.

In a huddle you learn how to naturally be on mission – without being a wacko.

In a huddle you gain real life skills in the art of being an active follower of Jesus.


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