Jan and I work with an organization that provides fitness activities for at-risk kids on the Peninsula. We wanted to get to know the other coaches better so we invited them over for a casual “party”.

Fourteen were invited, six said yes, and four showed up. What do you think… Good? Bad? Great? Sad?

We think it’s all good. We got to know people better, and thanks to Casey and Nia they don’t think we’re totally weird! \o/ Thanks you guys!

We had food, drink, ping-pong, and conversation. It didn’t take much, we all had a good time, and seeds were planted. What happens next? Who knows! We’re just makin’ waves in the puddle we’re in.

There will be other opportunities to connect, other conversations, maybe even more ping-pong; but that’s not really the point. The point is being present where we are. The point is being active in the mix. God opportunities show up when and where they will at God’s direction. We just have to be present and available to see them.

– until whenever and thru whatever, God!

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