This was my last week working with some kids in East Palo Alto. We provide fitness activities for the kids while they attend summer programs at school. Well this one was “special”. There were 2 classes back to back with about 30 kids in each class and only one coach – ME!

I had to improvise; so I would let the kids take turns sitting in my car to listen to the radio while I set up the next activity. I happened to have the radio tuned to KLOVE  which lead to a conversation about what the bible says, and who believes it.  We ended with talking about Abraham, “The Beginning”, and how awesome God is – creating the animals, the stars, and us!

It was a ton of work, not everyone “got it”, but it was great to see the change in those who did. God accomplished a lot over the course of a few weeks. No sermons or canned speeches were required.

That’s the thing; God is already doing the work – accomplishing a lot – we just need to be aware. It’s like the kids playing jump rope. Two are turning the rope, and one or two others are waiting, anticipating – timing really – when and how they’re going to step in. And of course, when they step in – and start jumping – that’s when the fun begins!

God is already turning the rope. Are you watching? Are you anticipating – timing your jump? You should be.