I had the incredible opportunity to help one of our sister churches with their summer program for kids. It ‘s called BOOST and provides reading enhancement skills and meals for at risk youth. Actually this was my second year helping out, but last time we just provided food.  This year my  job was to provide fitness activities for the kids, and I had a GREAT time!

One of the high points was finding out from a parent afterward that one of the boys who had done really well with the obstacle course we put together had never done much of any physical activity before. In fact he was an isolated child because he was considered physically challenged. Now not only was he doing the obstacle course, he is engaged with his class mates and learning to jump rope!

I’m not sure what I expected this year, but it wasn’t that. It was another reminder to me that ushering in the kingdom has a lot to do with just showing up… being present and available wherever you happen to be. God is already at work there, we just have to be available. I highly recommend you check out how you can help with BOOST next year. For information contact Beth Gough at the North Peninsula Vineyard.