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Previously on our blog we have talked about practicing our UP and IN, today we want to discuss practicing our OUT.

  •  UP is the habit of spending time with the Father, getting our heart and mind aligned with Jesus.
  • IN is the habit of spending time in immersion with others in your sphere learning to be in submission to Christ.
  • OUT is where we get active… it is the habit of engaging the world with the kingdom of God as He has revealed it to you.


This is long but it is worth reviewing. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines activity as follows:

1:  the quality or state of being active

2:  vigorous or energetic action :  liveliness

3:  natural or normal function: as

a:  a process (as digestion) that an organism carries on or participates in by virtue of being alive. b:  a similar process actually or potentially involving mental function; specifically:  an educational procedure designed to stimulate learning by firsthand experience

4:  an active force

5a:  a pursuit in which a person is active. b:  a form of organized, supervised, often extracurricular recreation

We’ll rule out 1, 4, and 5 because for our purposes, activity is not activity for activity’s sake.

We’ll eliminate 2 because our concern – at least at this point – is not about the perceived quality of activity.

We’ll eliminate 3b because, again – for our purposes, activity is not about another “notch on our belt”, or checking a box on a list.

No, for our purposes definition 3a seems most appropriate: Activity as being natural – a normal function of being alive. 

This is hugely important; our activity should be, must be natural and free flowing from a properly rooted and grounded life. If not, ministry becomes drudgery – legalist – draining – unfulfilling. God never intended this to be. God desires that we “… be fruitful and multiply!

Jesus demonstrated this best. You never see him harried or depressed. You never hear him traveling on a guilt trip. Rather, we see him doing nothing on his own… “I do only what I see the Father doing.” In addition, he did it as he went about his daily business. These were not things he added to his schedule, but rather, things he did as he went.

For most of us, God is not requiring that we re-invent the wheel, adding programs and events to an already overfilled schedule. Rather He merely asks that we bring His kingdom with us where we are already going. He will reveal persons of peace, opportunities for kingdom break-thru as we go, even as Jesus went. He is already there in your workplace, where you shop, where you play basketball or futbol. We simply need to be attentive to what He is already doing where we live and breathe.

This is more art than science, folks; that’s why it requires calibration with God (our UP) and calibration with our peers (our IN) so that we learn to recognize and capitalize on the opportunities presented to us (our OUT).


  • having the proper mindset – alignment with the heart and mind of Jesus
  • being properly prepared – time spent with the Father being filled and receiving instruction;
  • owning our call – accepting and embracing our individual role in God’s plan;
  • having been invested by others and investing in others ourselves;

we set out to ACT upon what has been given to us.

As I have said before, Jesus is our example in all this.

Up In and Out Graphic

UP, IN, AND OUT – that is the framework of discipleship. How are you doing in these areas? Where are you strong or weak? How can we help? Let us know.

As always, we are praying for Open Doors, Additional Hands, Super-natural Provision, and Fruit That Lasts.

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