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If you are like most people who are on mission for Christ, you face fear and risk every day. I know this firsthand. If you’re passionate about the task (loving and living in obedience and witness to Jesus Christ* ) and the people around you, sometimes the fear can be overwhelming. You want to share what Christ has done for you – not in an effort to brag on yourself, but rather in an effort to make available to people you care about, what you consider to be of utmost benefit and importance. Yet, even though you want to share this good news, you wonder: “Will they think I’m crazy… will they think I’m foolish, or rude?” But being successfully on mission isn’t just about the sharing, it’s about mindset, preparation, and ownership.


Life and ministry, demand that you start with the right mindset. A proper mind set is to have one’s heart in check. To have one’s heart in check is to have one’s heart in-sync with the heart of Jesus. If your heart is not in-sync with Jesus you will not be ready when the opportunity presents itself or you will use the opportunity to satisfy some lesser want of the flesh.  You will miss God’s still small voice or you will use the situation to gratify yourself or abuse others. That is a hard, albeit true, statement.

Jesus’ heart is always rooted in love and submission to the Father; therefore, to be in-sync with him is to be rooted in love and submission to the Father. What is your Love Quotient towards those around you? Are you able to see them and their circumstances the way Jesus does? This is a hard one for me. The truth is, I am way to self-absorbed for anyone else’s good. I have to work hard at keeping my heart soft. Even when my heart is soft, I often want to pursue my own agenda. I imagine that somehow I have the answer to a person’s need apart from God. I have to work equally hard at listening for the Father’s will in any given situation. What about you, are you able to see with the eyes of love, do you clearly hear the Father speaking? If you are, you no doubt prepare yourself in advance.


Achieving the proper mindset – having a heart that is in-sync requires preparation. If you are unprepared, your eyes, your heart, and your mind will be dull. You will be distracted by the tyranny of the urgent, and miss the opportunity to bring kingdom light to the situation at hand. But, HOW do we prepare? We prepare by establishing rhythm in our lives. I’ve posted on this before. Simply put, rhythm is about intentionally making space in your life, not only to meet with God and Jesus, but to meet with the people in your life.

When you meet with God and Jesus, you give yourself authentically and transparently to your creator. In doing so, you receive guidance, healing, direction, and purpose. Because here is the dirty little secret of discipleship: Our responsibility is borne out of our relationship. Yes, we are to “… go and make disciples…” but our responsibility to do so is born out of our relationship with God, not the other way around! So many of us want to do this and do that in an effort to be OK with God, but this is not what God honors. We do thisand we do that out of loving submission to the one who saved us by grace. We meet with God, receive our marching orders, and then lovingly set about doing that which He has called us to do.

Then we meet with others, giving ourselves authentically and transparently to those around us. We respond openly and candidly to the circumstances before us. Free of compulsion, guilt, or shame. We merely share freely, what has freely been given to us as opportunities present themselves. That’s easy enough isn’t it? You may ask, “If it’s so easy then why do I find it so hard to do?” That brings us to ownership.


Some of us, perhaps most of us simply need to own our calling. If we own our calling we live without fear. The apostle Paul talks about that in Romans 8, 15 The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” 16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. 17 Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ…”

In 2 Timothy 1, he tells us: For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

This power, love and self-discipline is for a purpose. According to Paul, we are not to live in fear but live up to our calling in Christ. Doing so allows us to, live in ownership – as one person* put it: “Ownership is responsibility without the obligation. You don’t have to do the hard work, you want to.” Having taken ownership of our calling, we become willing to make the effort in our ministry – we become productive, make quick decisions, shrug off criticism, and grow in spiritual maturity. And, notice that I said in our ministry. Discipleship is not for someone, it is for everyone, it is for you.

Ownership means knowing I wake up every morning with the potential to make great choices. Each day I have the potential to make a difference.  Mindset-Preparation- and Ownership are how we make that difference.


Mindset-Preparation-and Ownership, how are you doing in these areas? Are you cultivating the right mindset on a regular basis? Do you adequately prepare each day for the mission that is ahead? Are you taking ownership or avoiding it?

In your ministry, are there pieces you still need to learn or prepare for? Are you not taking risks because you’re afraid to fail? Are you not owning-up because you’re not sure what to do next? That is what we’re all about here at the Mosaic. We’re in this together – a family on mission. If you’re currently not owning up to your life and calling, you can start now. We want to help. Each week at the Mosaic, we tap into the Father’s heart. We listen, we learn, and encourage each other to get in the game. Together we learn how to manage our doubts and get instruction on how to follow in the masters footsteps where we live.

Mindset, preparation, and ownership – how are you doing with these? I want to hear from you. Reply to this post or email me.

Next week we’ll talk more nitty-gritty stuff. In the mean time, I hope you’ll join us!

As always, we are praying for open doors, additional hands, supernatural provision, and fruit that lasts.

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