At the Mosaic, one of our main tenets is to ask and answer the question; “What is God saying to you, and what are you going to do about it?”  As we’ve studied the book of Mark, the answer to that question has continued to revolve around the issue of IDENTITIY.   For many of our people, the challenge has been to understand or to believe what the bible says about our identity, who we are in Christ.  This is hugely important; because our ministry – why we minister, and how we minister flows from this understanding.

Here are a few questions addressed by an understanding of who we are:

  • Do we serve to feel good about ourselves – to feel significant?
  • Do we serve – to gain power and prestige?
  • Do we serve out of guilt, a sense of imposed obligation?
  • Do we serve timidly, in fear of the outcome?
  • Do we not serve at all, unsure of our calling?

All of these are faulty expressions of a wondrous gift. Because, to minister in anything less than an obedience rooted in love is to miss the mark.

When God created us, he pressed the imprint of his presence upon us. In fashioning humankind with this imprint He uniquely identified our identity with His, and signified us as partners in His kingdom rule and order. Yes, we are made to rule – but He was always meant to direct.  Our relationship was to be centered on our loving dependence upon God and God’s loving provision for us.  People, bearing His imprint, would reflect His idenity and represent Him to all creation – and even rule the world.  Out of this relationship rooted in love comes one’s responsibility, wherein as Dallas Willard once put it; “I learn to live as Christ would live if he were me!” [emphasis mine]

Imagine; knowing from time and experience what God is like, and thus being able to trust the outcome of even the hardest trial.  Feeling secure in our relationship with God, our ability to persevere in difficult times, and our ability to obey will be increased.  Living out our true identity in Christ, we will have security; security will lead to confidence, and confidence to courage, and courage to doing the “… even greater things than these.” promised in scripture.

For myself God’s word of grace around identity has been to persevere.  The personal  difficulties you experience are not about calling but rather about growth. Persevere, and allow Me to rid you of all the self constructed supports and self imposed restraints you’ve erected; because what I am calling you to is far greater than your ability to do on your own. You’re going to have to trust Me completely and exclusively.

So, who are YOU? What has God been trying to tell you about you? What is the word of grace He longs to knit into your heart that will allow you to serve Him fully and freely?


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