Most people – most times – tend to view Good Friday and today from a triumphant perspective. That’s Ok; after all, we know the outcome. But not so for Peter – not so for Mary and Martha. For them it was the worst of times. Everything they had hoped for was now literally dead and buried. Oh the sorrow; oh the pain! What darkness they must have felt and then what exaltation at Christ’s revealing.

Here’s a thought; if you really want to celebrate tomorrow; embrace the pain, the loss, today. Perhaps you have a dream that has seemingly died. Perhaps you have failed Him miserably in some way. Today, embrace the pain. Today, embrace the sorrow. And then tomorrow, with the dawning of a brand new day, let the God who calls that which is not as if it is, to breathe new life into your dream – healing into your failure. Then CELEBRATE! Praise the God who does the MIRACULOUS, the MARVELOUS, the INCREDIBLE on our behalf. Who is adequate for such things?! Who is worthy?!! Praise our God and Father – The Lord of Heaven; and Praise our Lord and Savior; Jesus the Christ!!